Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afridi Ready to Play in IPL

Shahid Afridi is still ready to play in IPL season 3, as he is ready to participate even after not being picked up by any franchisee in the auctions. Sohail Tanveer also joined Afridi and said that he does not have 'anything personal' against India and is ready to participate in the IPL and Champions League. Afridi, who played for Deccan Chargers in the first season of IPL, earlier said that it is an 'insult' for Pakistan Cricket, players and the country, as none of the Pakistani cricketers was picked in the IPL auction.

Meanwhile, IPL boss Lalit Modi said to a television news channel that there is still a 'window of possibility' for Pakistani players to participate in the IPL, as there are still some franchisees, who do not have full quota of players in their side. These franchisees can shun some players and picked Pakistani players, if they liked so. 2 days back, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram also said that there are no indications from the government on picking or dropping Pakistani players and it is a 'disservice of cricket'. After this statement of Modi, it is likely to be taken an indication for the franchisees to pick at least top Pakistani players like Afridi, Tanveer, Abdul Razzaq and Umar Gul.


thecricfanclub said...

ya afridi is right and Pakistani player are very good players if they will be on ipl .ipl will more cracking thecricfanclub

rock said...

yaaaaa this thing is right that pki plyers should plya , it "ll be interesting to see more bhoom-dhadaka players like afridi, akhtar and many more.
THE Good & best should play . IPL is a source of entertainment , it can only be enjoyfull with good & best,.

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