Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yuvraj Takes Second Hattrick

Yuvraj Singh is King of Hattricks. He’s claimed his second hattrick of the season. It seems he is becoming used to take hattricks. Against DC, Yuvraj took his second hattrick, which has incidently made him a bowler to take two hattricks in least interval of time. His bowling has always been an X-Factor for India, but his main exploits have come in this season of IPL. Yuvraj was happier with the hattrick this time round as it came in a winning cause. His hattrick broke the middle order of DC resulting in their loss by 1 run. Also it put break on the scoring rate.

Also, it was a co-incidence that the batsman who was hitting the bowlers out of the park was also a hattrick taker in this season of IPL, Rohit Sharma. He nearly pulled the match single handedly for DC, but was not lucky this time as he was against KKR, the last time.


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